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Caught with My Foot in the Sink… Reasons to Be Proud of Wudu

Ever get caught with your foot in the sink at work, school, or the library? You may have received glances from curious onlookers who wonder why you have decided to wash your toes in a public bathroom. You may have thought to yourself, “Oh man, I must look so weird!” Interestingly enough, this part of […]

Lord of the Rings: All That is Gold Does Not Glitter

Many of you are avid readers of works of J.R.R. Tolkien, the author of The Lord of the Rings series. Others may be huge fans of the movies. Tolkien’s work happens to be filled with some of the most beautiful prose and poetry found in 20th century fiction writing. Much of it takes from wisdom […]

Hijab is Not to Protect Men, But to Honor Women

As we know, Islam provides a few guidelines on dress code for both men and women. They are designed to promote modesty while still allowing a functioning and healthy society. I’ve heard and read a number of stories and have observed the attitudes of many brothers: that Islamic guidelines for women’s clothing and modesty exist […]

Being Religious Without Being a Jerk

“There is nothing that has gentleness in it except that it is beautified, and there is nothing that has harshness in it except that it makes it ugly. So be calm, O Aisha!” The above words were spoken by our beloved Messenger ﷺ to his wife, `A’isha radi allahu `anha (may Allah be please with her). […]

Lessons from Surah Fatihah – Identifying the Straight Path

“Guide us along the Straight Way. The way of those whom You have bestowed Your Grace. Not of those who earn Your anger, nor of those who go astray.” (Qur’an, 1:5-7) When we examine these verses, we find that it has some very interesting qualities that make it a unique prayer. In a short examination […]

Arguing on The Internet: the Ultimate Heart Monitor

Islam and the Internet Series: Intro | Part I | Part II | Part III | Part IV | Part V | Part VI | Part VII | Part VIII | Part IV Our Culture Of Arrogance, Anger And Online Arguments Dawud Wharnsby once wrote in one of his songs: We use so many words but have […]

Turning Towards God in the Worst Moments of Our Lives

Many of us have experienced, are experiencing or will experience difficult moments that make us wonder whether there is any hope for our future. These moments rock the foundations of our inner selves. They can throw us into abysses of doubt and devastate our self-esteem, nearly obliterating our sense of hope for a life that […]

Roles of the Messenger of Allah ﷺ

Part I In the Quran, Allah (swt) describes his Prophet ﷺ in two very important ways: 1. The Job Titles of the Prophet ﷺ “Oh Prophet, we have sent you as a Witness, and a Bringer of Glad Tidings, and as a Warner. And as a Caller towards God by His permission, and as an […]

Why All Americans Should Want a Mosque in their Neighborhood

Every few weeks, it seems that another newspaper article appears with the frightful headline, “Community X Protests New Mosque, Council Grants Building Approval.” It seems that fear has gripped even the most sensible of us. A masjid (literally the “place of prostration” in Arabic, or “mosque” as they are known in English), has unjustifiably become […]

Cartoons and Comics – A Call to Maturity and Self-Determination

Notes on the Cartoon Controversy A Call To Maturity and Self-Determination So it’s happened again. They decided to republish the cartoons. Perhaps it is because they want to re-emphasize their opinions on the character and personality of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ. Maybe because they wish to provoke more reactionary Muslims into random acts of violence […]

Mufti, Fatwa, and Istifta – The Asking and Answering of Religious Questions

Part I | Part II When Can A Mufti Refuse to Answer a Question? 1. The Situation Being Asked About Does Not Exist. Often times, the questioner (mustafti), will approach the scholar and ask him a question involving a scenario which has not yet happened. Sometimes the question may make assumptions which can result in changes […]

How To Survive (and Then Benefit From) a Boring Khutbah

We are sitting in the masjid. Front row, clean clothes on, ready to hear something that will inspire us, teach us, and give us gems of spiritual wisdom gleaned from the mountain of Prophethood. Our hearts fill with hope that today will be the day that a young, vibrant and dynamic speaker, or a wise, […]

Mufti, Fatwa, and Istifta – The Asking and Answering of Religious Questions

Part I | Part II We find ourselves in a time in which religious questions can be asked and answered at the speed of a cable modem and a fiber optic cable. A questioner finds himself in a jam – “Can I combine Dhuhr and `Asr prayers so I can take my MCAT?” – and […]

A Defense of Muslim Activism

Recently, the Muslim activist has become a punching bag for a wide variety of attacks, slurs, and statements which disregard and marginalize, at best, and vilify at worst, the concept of Islamic activism. From the idea that Islamic activism today is just the tattered remnant of political movements long since gone awry, to the suggestion […]

Religious Rulings: No Longer “Yes, No? Can I Go?” But a Method of Teaching the People

When Abraham said: “Show me, Lord, how You will raise the dead, ” He replied: “Have you no faith?” He said “Yes, but just to place my heart in complete ease.” Allah said, “Take four birds, draw them to you, and cut their bodies to pieces. Scatter them over the mountain-tops, then call them back. They […]

Mistake of The Future Student of Knowledge from the West

An Advice for the Serious Future Student Who Wants to Go Overseas Many of us have a desire or a dream to go overseas to study Islam. We have images in our heads, of basking in the glow of the minarets of Madinah, or sitting in the shade of the courtyard of Al-Azhar, or kneeling […]

Curriculum for New Muslims?

Dear respected brother, If someone is starting out learning about Islam, what program of study do you recommend. Note: this person is trying to avoid the group politics and influences. What should he do? At times he feels like he’s being torn to pieces and the sweetness of Islam is waining. Thanks Answer: The best […]

Gems of the Quran: The Gates of Hell vs. The Gates of Paradise

One of the beauties of the Quran is its revelation in the Arabic language. Some of the gems that one can glean from its words, neither require one to know 13 Arabic sciences nor to have studied for 13 years. Knowing the effects of a single letter can change the story, the tapestry that the […]

How Acts of Attaining Nearness to God Are Like Working Out

1. Have a workout plan The one who enters the gym without a plan and randomly goes to each machine, watches various people who each of their various goals and tries to imitiate them without any objective, will not achieve substantial gains in anything. But one who decides his goal is aerobic fitness, or muscular […]

By the Night When It…

One of the beauties of the Quran is the fact that it is concise in its words, yet loaded in meanings, subtleties and reasons that can be observed by the shepard or nomad according to his understanding, or the scholar of language or philosophy according to his or hers. Sometimes, verses which we have recited […]