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A Strong Believer

I am one of the many people who, on multiple occasions, bemoaned the current status of Muslims around the world for things ranging from anti-shari`ah laws in the U.S. to headscarf bans in Europe to anti-freedom in parts of the “Muslim” world. I used to cry over how we were once a strong, vibrant, intellectual […]

My Mosque, My Identity, My Anchor

“Culture shock” is how I always describe the sudden onslaught of cultural varieties, religious peculiarities and political ambiguities that I encountered when I first came to North America at the age of 18. It was a rush of overwhelming information that threw my curious mind into a whirlwind of conflicting ideologies. Derailed and confused, I […]

The Accident.

It was just like in the movies. Life paused for a second and I was lost in a sea of blankness. All of a sudden reality came rushing in. The sound of my 2 and a half-year-old daughter screaming in terror was followed by the sound of my heart pounding and heavy panting as I […]

True Knowledge

Ten years ago, while in pharmacy school, I gave a quick presentation about the use of Over the Counter (OTC) smoking cessation products. It was an exercise in counseling patients on what is available in the market without a prescription to help them quit smoking. It was a very well put together presentation that garnered […]

Nerdy vs. Cool?

Ok so I admit it: I was a nerd growing up. The sciencey type you know; I had my own little microscope and I knew the periodic table by heart and competed for high grades like the best of them. I was a hit with my parent’s friends and especially old ladies; they just loved […]

A Day in the Life: Rewind.

Thursday Morning 7:00 AM: Alarm clock buzzes. Get up, stagger to the bathroom—shower on. Work clothes on, hair looks good, coffee brewing in the kitchen. “It’s 7:30! Shoot!” 7:30 AM: Jump in the car, coffee in hand. Try to make it to work on time without spilling coffee. 7:55 AM: “Phew! Made it.” Burn through […]

Satan’s Strategy

One of the most sobering talks I have with my students entering their first professional year of pharmacy school is about substance abuse. It is now a staple in our program to bring in a rehabilitated pharmacist on the last day of orientation to talk about his experience with substance abuse – what led him […]

Just Say It!

Last month, while in transit for a few hours in London, my wife and I decided to sit by the windows of a hallway that connects the sides of the airport terminal. The hallway was a nice, cool area and a big open space for our little daughter to run herself ragged before getting on […]

It’s a Desert

“It’s a desert.” That’s how I always referred to the weather back home when explaining to  my American friends about the climate I grew up in. I thought that summed it up, and gave an accurate description of how sunny and intolerably hot it was most days of the year. One day while hanging out […]

The Woman at the Coffee Shop

He looked straight at her as he called her profane names, loud enough for everyone to hear. “Dude, you’re embarrassing me! Stop. Besides, I don’t think she is Muslim,” I said. “She is Palestinian, isn’t she? What is she doing? Going out with a white guy…” he said conspicuously in Arabic, adding in several more […]

Think About It!

Humor me! Get ten pieces of Lego or any stackable items and build a simple tower by stacking one piece on top of the other. Now take the tower apart and start over again, except this time I would like you to start in the middle. Take the fifth piece and suspend it in the […]

A Soul’s Burden

Trials and tribulations are a part of life. We do not like them; we do not like to go through them; but eventually we accept them. Even if we pray, fast, pay our zakat and do all different forms of ibadat we still get tested. Sadness sometimes fills our hearts. We could be the best […]

Human Psychology and Salah

As I navigate through my journey of self discovery, I have read books about psychology written by those whom society hails as the greatest of minds. My library is full of books from Greek mythology to modern psychology, the majority of which I haven’t read past the first couple of chapters. The material, however, is […]

Da`wah Episodes: Small Town, Maine

I got in my car, plugged the address in my GPS and embarked on a one and a half hour trek. I wasn’t paying attention to the drive, because I was organizing my thoughts on what I was going to say and preparing myself for potential questions. A pastor from a small town in Maine […]